A language model for misogyny detection in Latin American Spanish driven by multisource feature extraction and transformers

Creating effective mechanisms to detect misogyny online automatically represents significant scientific and technological challenges. The complexity of recognizing misogyny through computer models lies in the fact that it is a subtle type of violence, it is not always explicitly aggressive, and it can even hide behind seemingly flattering words, jokes, parodies, and other expressions. Currently, it is even difficult to have an exact figure for the rate of misogynistic comments online because, unlike other types of violence, such as physical violence, these events are not registered by any statistical systems. This research contributes to the development of models for the automatic detection of misogynistic texts in Latin American Spanish and contributes to the design of data augmentation methodologies since the amount of data required for deep learning models is considerable.

Keywords: automatic hate speech detection; multisource feature extraction; Latin American Spanish language models; natural language processing

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